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Top SEO Company In Florida

We recently wanted to start a SEO Campaign, so we went on a journey to find the best one in Florida. After numerous searches, phone calls, meetings, and research, we thought that SEOjus was the best choice. Most of the SEO Companies just fed us a bunch of crap. They claimed they could get us overnight rankings, or within a week, and we just know that any legitimate SEO Team that is practicing ethical and moral SEO could not do that. Our company has many people with years of Internet Marketing experience, so we are not going into this blind. They know what is right and what is wrong. They know that you can not get to page one over night, or even realistically in a week, at least doing it the right way. When we met with their team we felt that they were honest, experienced, and just a good fit for our company. In addition, their prices are not too much, if anything they are very close to all the other companies, with no extra fees or long term contracts. Once thing that really stood out was their willingness to learn about our company, what our goals were, what exactly we needed to succeed, and what the bottom line was for us. We found that this interest they had was unconditional, whether or not we hired them, and was out of real concern and care. This is what finally made our decision at the end, and we did check into a lot of SEO Companies in Florida. We feel that SEOjus is the Top SEO Company In Florida.

What we want is to rank for about 5-10 keywords, medium to high competition, and did not want to spend more that $1,000 a month. They agreed to less than that amount, which we were very happy about. They did the keyword research before we met, so they were completely prepared at the meeting, and were able to give us a exact price. We did not want to spend money on Pay Per Click Advertising, so Organic Search was the way to go for us. The team at SEOjus was very knowledgeable  about SEO & Internet Marketing in general. They taught us a lot just in the hour that we met. We also wanted to do some Local SEO, that is optimizing for our keywords plus our city together. We felt that besides being the most friendly, most experienced, and best fit, we felt that was the best SEO Company in Florida. Just for the record, this review was in no means paid for, or even asked for, we felt that after the meeting and the results, they fully deserved this for free, and with a special thanks as well, for putting us on the board. We did not mention the results yet. The first time we met was about 40 days ago, and we are now on page 1 for about 8 keywords. that is 8 out of 20! Great right? We check what they are doing, check the links they built, and it is all legitimate white hat work. We could not be happier with their service, and we will be with them for as long as we are operational, which should be for many more years.

Update: We did not post this as soon as it was typed, we decided to wait another 30 days so we could post accurate ranking info. We are pleased to say that our positions went up, and we are on page 1 for all of our keywords. Since only posting info after 1 month would not be very substantial  we just waited for the end of the current month, and now you and I both know, SEOjus is awesome, and by far the Top SEO Company in Florida.

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