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The Best Boca Tint Shop

There is a really good tint shop that we found a few weeks ago in the heart of Boca Raton. This awesome and low priced car tint boca raton Shop does some great work as evidenced by their site and the work they have done. We saw some pictures of their work and they had a bunch of cars in their shop at the time that they were working on. They will tint just about anything you could think of. From cars to trucks to vans to houses to offices and even boats, they do it all and do it good. The materials they use are always top of the line, including 3m and Oracle, and many more. They have a very experienced team of window tinters that have over 20 years of experience doing tint work. They are by far the only place to go and the best Boca Raton Window Tint Shop that is in this county. Check their site out for more information and about setting up a appointment to get your car tinted. Since I originally posted this article awhile ago they have grown even more and are definitely the most well known and most popular tint shop in South Florida. Pretty much every customer that brings their automobile into their shop to get something done is extremely satisfied and they never have anything at all to complain about. They have a 4.9 rating in Google and people call in and email all the time talking about how good of a job they did.

One of their main specialties is custom car wraps. They are very passionate about this starting with the design and material all the way through the installation and quality control review. They have done some really exotic cars and done an excellent job on each and every one of them. If you ask any of their clients about their work they did they will all say that they did a perfect job. They will also say the work was completed without any flaws at all. If you are anywhere in the South Florida area then you should definitely check out Mimessi Auto Design and see what they are about. If you need window tint, car wraps, commercial wraps, paint protection, racing stripes, or anything related to those things then they should be your first and only stop. You will be overly satisfied with their high quality of work. You can check out their website here and read about everything they do. You can also glance through their photo gallery to get a sense of what they have previously done. You can also get their contact information, fill out an online quote request, or even submit an online appointment request because they work by appointment only. The bottom line is, they are the best of the best in this area when it comes to window tinting, car wrapping, and paint protection. So don’t wait any longer, go check them out now. They also have monthly promotions that you can see on the Promotions page on their website. Ok well that is all for today.

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