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Here you have reached our Lab page. this is going to be about our projects and things that we are in the beginning stages of producing. Here you will find data in regards to our products that are not complete yet, but in the making. Keep coming back!

Update: 4/09/13

As you know already, we were down for a few months, well at least the site was. About a month ago we started the site up again and now we are here to stay. We recently found out about this awesome web design company in st augustine florida called WebRaven. They gave us some really good prices and we saw some of their previous work. It was a no brainier and we hired them. When we first started looking for a web design company is was quite overwhelming. There are thousand in this area and it was really hard to tell which ones were good and which ones were bad.  They really know what they are doing and we think they are the best web design st augustine company out there right now. It seems as though they really know their stuff, and we were very impressed when we spoke to them. Some things they specialize in are CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, and tons more. They have over 20 years of experience creating websites in all platforms. We hired them to recreate the site and the sample we saw was amazing. We cant wait for it to be done and finally have a great site up and running. We hope that everyone loves it, because it is all for you guys and gals. The support we have received recently has been excellent and we appreciate it very much. None of you will be forgotten, ever. So guys and gals, keep checking the site for more info and daily updates, before you know it we will be back in full force. hope you all have a great day! Thanks

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