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Sigelei Comes Out With A Mod That Has LED Lights

Good morning all, welcome to another short post about a new vaping product. The product we are talking about today is made by Sigelei, one of the best and most popular Vape Manufactures in China. All of their devices are built solid and high quality. We have had zero issues with their products so far. The Kaos Spectrum is their newest mod that they released. It reaches up to 230W and can go as low as 10W. It has a first of it’s kind special LED light system that goes around the display and has 6 different colors to choose from. It’s a gorgeous mod to say the least and it is now my favorite device to use. The lights just add a extra touch of class. you can find these online ranging from about $50to $60. We got ours from The Best Vape. That is where we buy all of our Vape stuff including Tanks, Juice, and Mods. Their customer service is amazing, their prices are rock bottom, and the shipping is blazing fast. You can check out the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum over their for $53.00 plus shipping. The only had a few left the other day so they might be sold out by now, but they should have another shipment coming in over the next few days. If you are thinking about picking up this mod we say do it, you will not be disappointed. You will probably fall in love with I like I did. All Tanks will fit on it, and since it’s 30mm most Sub Ohm Tanks will sit flush on it. The lights have 2 options; only when using and always on. Of course you can leave them off to save battery if you want, or to not attract attention. Well that is it for today, have a great weekend.

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