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You have reached our Science page. This will be about the logic behind our products and services. Basically, how it was built, what we do, and that type of stuff. Keep checking back for more information.

New Info: The choice we made about a month ago to hire a seo company for our marketing was the best thing we could of ever done. Since this site was down for a few months we lost all of our rankings. Then we decided to hire a Florida SEO Company to get them back for us. It has been a month and we have seen more than half of our keywords come back to page 1. This is a results of NaturalSEOJuice working on our site, that is for sure. Their seo methods are excellent, and they only use natural and organic ranking methods so that we do not risk getting a penalty. They are working on national keywords as well as our local seo campaign, which is now booming and we have tripled our traffic in a few weeks.

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