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Now this is an update to the post before this, as we are trying to have these go in order here. Those 2 seo companies that we have been preaching about on the other pages are still doing a fantastic job on our site. We still hold the number 1 position for every work and term we have told them to work on. It is just the best feeling to know that we are getting our money’s worth and then some actually ten times over.

The 2 firms are SEOjus which is the best Florida SEO Company that does terrific work all the time for a very competitive rate. They have been with us for about 4 months now and every penny we have paid them is well worth it. We get calls all day long every day and about 60% of those calls turn into new clients. You can not beat that % right?

Now the other company Natural SEO Juice which is well known for their Organic SEO Services that they do so well. They only use Organic Techniques to get your site ranked and that’s one of the best things about this company. You never have to worry about getting hit with a penalty because they abide by all the guidelines set forth and that is a big relief when dealing with companies that hold your future in their hands.

And if your looking for a super charge and you do your own seo, then you can take advantage of this place where you can buy high pr links that have tons of authority to pass on to you.

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