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Computer Repair In Boca Raton

About a week ago something bad happened to my computer. So the first thing I did was start searching for the best local computer repair boca raton shops in the search engines. There are a ton of companies that fix computers in this are. We had to pick the one that we felt the most comfortable with, obviously. After speaking to about 8 of them, we picked the one that we wanted to use. This one was called PC Medix, and they are located in Boca Raton Florida. When we went in to the shop, we were greeted immediately by a nice little guy that was very very polite. After telling him what was wrong he filled out a ticked, had us sign the form giving them permission to work on the PC, and then he said they would call us when it was fixed and ready to be picked up. So we then left and went to have some lunch at a nearby restaurant. That took us about 45 minutes, and then I headed back to my office. After about 20 minutes of working I got a call from Pc Medix saying that my computer was completely fixed and ready to be picked up. I was in shock, as it was only about a hour later from originally dropping off my stuff. So I headed back over to their shop, got their in about 10 minutes, parked, and went i the store. My machine was sitting on the counter, with the Windows Screen clearly showing. I tested out a few programs and the Internet, and it seemed to work perfect. the whole repair cost me about $60, which compared to the other local companies was a bargain and a half. The whole experience was great. Friendly staff, low prices, quick repair time, and a all around joy to work with them. I could not of had a better experience, at least for getting my very important computer fixed. So if your computer is broken, or laptop, or anything related to those 2 things, I highly recommend using Pc Medix for any repair you may need. If you mention seeing them on this site, I think you might get a few dollars off your repair charge. That is not a promise, but there is a good chance. So remember this, the best pc repair boca raton shop is Pc Medix, and that is a fact. You can find their site at either of the 2 links above, or give them a call @ 561-395-2095 and ask for Payam. He is really nice and will treat you good, which is why we used them in the first place. I hope you enjoyed this review, and have a great day!

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