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Are You Looking For A Great Manhattan or NYC Mover?

Are You Looking For A Great Manhattan Mover? Well I am glad you are, because I have the best Moving Company In Manhattan on speed dial for you. I moved 2 weeks ago and had a great experience. I know what you are saying, how could moving be great? Well when you choose the right company and they do a great job and everything goes smooth, it can be stress free and almost enjoyable. Maybe not enjoyable exactly, but definitely bearable. I found this company by going to the search engines and searching for nyc movers which then gave me about 1 million choices. I knew I had to get the list down to 2 or 3, and that would take a careful selection process on my part. I created a document with some questions to ask, and sent emails to all the companies, which was about 10 of them. I sent the emails with the document attached, and kindly asked for them to fill it out and return to me. I only got about 4 back, so that helped me out quite a bit by allowing me to cross them off of my list. Out of the 4 I did get back, I was able to go through the answers and narrow it down even more. I finally had it down to 2, and called them to schedule them to come out and give me a free quote. They both came out the next day, wrote down some things, and told me they would get back to me later that day or first thing in the morning. Keep in mind, the Moving Industry in NYC is extremely competitive, so these guys know they need to be on point, or I would just go right to the next company. Later on that day I did receive both quotes, and one of them was about $75 less then the other. I decided to choose that company, based not only on the money, but because they had a different and more efficient way of moving. I called them, set everything up, paid them, and that was it, done!

Now to the day of the move. The company arrived a few minutes early, and got started right away. It was a smooth process, I told them what was going and what was trash. They carefully wrapped everything and started to put it into the truck. That took about a hour and a half, and that was it, half of the process was one already. Next was the unloading part, which meant that they had to take everything off of the truck and place the stuff where I wanted it. This went as smoothly as the first half, and only took them about an hour. Apparently it is easier to unload and place, then wrap, pack, and load into the truck. Once everything was done we took a walk around the new place, and everything seemed pretty much perfect. I gave each mover the appropriate tip, and that was it, they were off into the wind. I can honest say that this moving company, Serenity Movers NYC, is the best moving company I have ever used and ever done business with. You can see their website here – – for more information about their service areas and general service information. I hope this helped someone out that is moving in the near future. Thanks for reading this post.

Once again did these guys do an outstanding job with another move. This time they moved my sisters place across town and I have to say they were perfect. There is nothing I can say bad at all about this move or the moving company that did it. Serenity Movers New York is a top of the line best of the best Manhattan Moving Company and they prove it every time they move. You can check out their new site here for more information about what they do, how they do it, and what they charge for their moving services. If you plan on moving anytime soon then we recommend you check out their site so you can get a gauge on the pricing and what to expect throughout the whole process.

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